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Children ages 4 to 6 are welcome to participate in our superhero class. Our goal is for them to learn how to relate to others. They learn how to work together and be part of a group as they begin to understand the basic principles of aikido. The best way for your child to understand aikido and our superhero class is for you to bring them to one of our classes. This way, you can both observe a class. Contact us today to set up an appointment.



Our intention with our youth students (ages 7 to 11) is to develop powerful dynamos who learn self-defense and the art of aikido.

Youth students are taught how to avoid being bullied while not becoming a bully. They adopt the perspective of a peaceful warrior – to become a strong, centered person who can choose from many options to deal with the aggressive pervasive in their world and today’s society. This can only be learned through hands-on experiential training. We welcome you to contact us and set up an appointment.



Ages 12-17 are crucial in a child’s development. As they make the transition to adulthood, they face a variety of challenges. From societal influences to overwhelming physical and emotional growth, it’s a great time for them to tap into their calm, powerful inner strength.

Aikido provides a venue unlike any other to learn how to take risks, expand their comfort zone, and learn about their self as well as others.

Stepping on the mat and practicing aikido gives teens a break from the fast-paced, high-tech, instant gratification world. Here, they develop skills to settle, ground and be a positive force in the world. Call us today at (775) 337-8030 to schedule a visit.



Benefitting families is one of our biggest priorities here at the Epic Dojo. Learning how to take care of each other through dynamic and potentially dangerous situations, treat each other with respect, support each other and attain group and individual goals make for strong, flexible, dynamic people and healthy families. We’ve created a schedule to allow parents/guardians to train at the same time as their youth or teen students.

The entire dojo is structured to respect the unity in our diversity with the feeling of one big family. The best way to experience our dojo is to set up an appointment for you and your family to visit and observe, and perhaps try out the class.



Aikido is a martial art that goes about things in a totally unique way. You won’t spend your valuable time becoming more combative and seeking out petty competition. In aikido, you’ll learn to be expressive without being violent. While nonviolent in your practice, the power in your techniques will prove appropriate and effective to any situation which may arise.

The philosophy is one of win-win.

You’ll work with the energy of the attack. The focus will be on self-defense and inner awareness. Skills you’ll pick up range from eloquent verbal neutralization skills to gritty survival skills. All types of professionals can benefit. People from any walk of life can benefit. The best way to experience aikido is to schedule a time to visit the dojo and observe/attend a class.




12p - 1p Aikido - Level 2

5 - 5:45p Youth & Family - Level 1

6 - 7p Aikido - Level 1

7 - 8p Aikido & Teens split class - Level 2

8 - 9p Free Practice & Seminars


12p - 1p Japanese Yoga & Aikido Basic - Level 1

4:15 - 4:45p Superhero Ages 4-6

5 - 5:45p Youth & Family - Level 2

6 - 7p Aikido Dynamic O’ Sensei - Level 2

7 - 8p Aikido - Level 1

8 - 9p Free Practice & Seminars


12p - 1p Aikido - Level 2

5 - 5:45p Youth & Family - Level 1

6 - 7p Basics - Level 1

7 - 8p Sword / Staff - Level 2

8 - 9p Free Practice & Seminars


12p - 1p Japanese Yoga & Aikido Basic - Level 1

5 - 5:45p Youth & Family - Level 2

6 - 7p Basic Sword / Staff - Level 1

7 - 8p Advanced Principles - Level 3

8 - 9p Free Practice & Seminars


6 - 7p Aikido - Level 1


9 - 9:30a Superhero Ages 4-6

9:40 - 10:40a Aikido - All Levels


10 - 11a Sword / Staff - Level 1