Our Peace Dojo is a place where you practice powerful ways to be a better person, especially in the midst of conflict. Here you will learn to become -

  • A better leader

  • A better colleague

  • A better student

  • A better family member

  • A better life with less stress

Aikido of Reno uses six main practices to help our Dojo community, and the community at large.

  1. Communication

  2. Improvisation

  3. De-escalation

  4. Peace Proliferation

  5. Meditation into Creation

  6. Artistic Expression.

We offer several classes on Brushwork, The Art of Tea, Origami, Energy Expression, Guided Meditation, Epic Samurai Battle Choreography, and Ikebana. To learn more about these classes visit our Dojo Offerings page of click the Learn More button below.